Best of DIY creative Garden Container idea

Easy DIY a creative Garden container Idea    Fresh Idea

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” – Albert Einstein I love that quote. Don’t you? Well, today’s the day it’s more true than ever because a wonderful group of 25 bloggers have come together from around the globe to share their creativity with you, right here, right now. Let’s go! Now for my DIY project, I […]

How To make a new Industrial barstool look Vintage

How To make a new Industrial Barstool look Vintage featured at Fresh Idea Studio

Happy furniture makeover day friends! Today I’d like to show you a little trick I use to make on any piece, new or old, updated fast.  It’s a super simple, slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am  technique that’s especially handy in making a basic item instantly cool and custom. How To make a new Industrial barstool look Vintage Remember these 2 […]

Create Big impact in your Tiny green Space with Monrovia

Featuring how to Create big impact in a tiny Green space with Mondrovia plants  Fresh Idea

Thank you Monrovia for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to do a little gardening with your beautiful plants! Putting on my garden gloves always make me think of my grandmother. Honor is her name; she’s such a special lady. Growing up I spent many a happy day with my grandmother watering, weeding and planting in […]

How to stain your front door the easy way

How to Stain your front door the easy way Tutorial from Fresh Idea Studio

Have you ever had a basic house project you avoid? At all costs? You know the one! It bugs you every time you lay eyes on it but… You can’t bring yourself to tackle it. I’m right there with you. Guilty. I procrastinated re-staining the main door into our home for months and months and months. Ok […]

old Thrifty office Chair goes Mod

old Thrifty office Chair goes Mod {Furniture Makeover Day} feature

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many projects going she didn’t know… which one to show you first!  OK, the multiple projects part is true (that’s normal). But you better not call me old and I certainly don’t live in a stinky shoe. And, yes thanks for asking I’m pretty slap […]

DIY Valentine ideas

DIY Valentine's Day ideas {free printables featured at Fresh Idea Studio}

Happy Love Day! There’s so much to love about Valentine’s Day: cupid, candy, hugs, kisses! But if you’re like me, you’re just getting your thoughts together on what you can do today as special treat for the ones you love. Don’t worry! I’ve gotta covered. Oodles of DIY Valentine ideas and Free Printables Safely download & print (without our watermark, […]

Bright and Happy Yellow Piano

Happy and Bright Yellow Piano project How to paint a piano  feature  Fresh Idea

Life is funny, sometimes. I mean who would have thought an old piano from the 70’s would teach me so many things I didn’t know… I really needed to know. This is the short story of Lessons Learned from a Bright and Happy Yellow Piano. 1. Get a good BEFORE picture. It ‘s NOT the […]