DIY Easter craft: Spring wreath tutorial

Has Spring Fever got you yet? We’re in full swing around here!  And, while I do not love all the oak pollen that’s coated every single thing outside is a greenish dust I am very excited to to share this easy DIY Easter craft: Spring wreath tutorial with you right now!

This whole pool noodle turned wreath came about when I did a front porch refresh a week or so ago.I really liked how the wreath ultimately ended up looking. And, I thought it would be a good idea to share the real deal in how this DIY Easter craft actually went down just in case you wanted the 1,2,3 steps it took to make it.

diy easter craft spring wreath tutorial

It started with an old pool noodle we had from last summer. I was about to pitch it. But, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Don’t throw your old pool noodles away!”

DIY Easter craft spring wreath supplies

I simply taped up the pool noodle that had seen better days with a few strips of duct tape…

diy easter craft spring wreath duct tape noodle

and then took colorful yarn and tie it around the noodle.

diy easter craft wreath tie yarn on noodleThen I  just wrapped and wrapped and wrapped…pushing the yarn pretty tightly together on the noodle.

diy spring wreath keep wrapping yarn

All the while making sure to keep the yarn nice and smooth so it would lay down flat against the noodle and have a clean look.


diy spring wreath wrap yard half way and tie off

Then I tied off the psychedelic rainbow colored yard once I’d wrapped it 1/2 way around the noodle/soon to been wreath.

diy easter wreath wrap a 2nd color of yarn on half

Then,with a simple white textured yarn I began the whole wrap, wrap, wrapping process over again on the other 1/2 of the noodle.

diy spring wreath yarn wrapped pool noodle

I actually doubled up the white yarn so the blue noodle would not show threw it at all.

And, when the entire pool noodle was covered in yarn, I loaded on lots of bright yellow flowers, felt dragonfllies, burlap ribbon, little strips of colorful ribbon!  I even threw in one of girl’s tiny Easter baskets and a few mod podge Easter eggs.

diy easter craft spring wreath tutorial first

And, that’s how it looked for a few days…but! everytime I would pull up in our driveway I would see it and think, “No, it’s missing something. My Spring wreath needs something more…what is it?!”


A monogram, of course.

diy spring wreath pool noodle tutorial

I pretty much think anything is better with a monogram, don’t you?!

So, that’s it!

To get the full effect you have to see our Spring front porch.

spring front porch refresh collage

Ok, give it to me!  Have you ever made a wreath from a pool noodle?! Are you thinking about it now? I’d love to hear.


 Thanks for checking out my  DIY Easter craft: Spring wreath tutorial! I hope this inspires you to get crafty! And for a special treat  hippity-hop on over to see all the awesome Easter inspiration from my blogging friends today and all this week! You’ll love it.

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  1. says

    I have never made a pool noodle wreath yet. I do have a question for you about your dragonfly embellishments. Where did you find them? As you can see by my blogs name they are part of the story of my life. My lake home is named Dragonfly. I love the wreath for spring with the bright colors, it certainly makes you feel welcome to come over for a visit.
    Karen Marie Kedzuch
    Dragonfly & Lily Pads


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