More DIY Wall Gallery tips and inspiration

It’s a beautiful thing!

More DIY Wall Gallery tips and inspiration

Finding inspiration.

And, boy does this time of year really seem to bring it out!

Maybe it’s the sweet birds chirping and the flowers in bloom.

I don’t know.

But, there’s a lot of bright and happy going on and with promise of Summer on the horizon, I better get busy finishing up our youngest daughter’s bedroom redo before they’re out for break.

During last week’s bold little desk reveal you got a sneak peek of the new gallery wall I was working on in her room and today I’m bringing you the 2nd in our DIY Gallery Wall series.

Here we go…

more DIY Gallery Wall tip & inspiration from Fresh Idea Studio

personalized DIY wall gallery tips

OK wow! Sorry I forgot to warn you.

It’s really Bright!

But if you knew the sassy, smart, fearless little girl that calls this her room, you’d know it’s perfect.

Sweet,  fun and a tad disheveled with a heart of gold and an obsession with the City of Love.


An old sole as the saying goes; never mind she’s only 8.

But, she’s my last baby girl and I want to time to stand still because I still have some girlie room redos in me.

So what’s the trick to this whole wall gallery thing? more DIY gallery wall tips by Fresh idea Studio

diy tips girls wall gallery inspiration

Other than having a rough idea of the color pallet you like and

remembering to somewhat balance everything.

Think of triangle with a high point and two lower points and remember the imaginary grid line I mentioned before. It really is that simple.all set.

And, If you…

DIY gallery wall tips by Fresh idea Studio

you will be all set.

Use what you already have. Things you love with a capitol Lbright bold happy DIY Gallery Wall

Our daughter’s over the top DIY gallery cost $0. Zippo-dinero.

But it’s priceless to us!

Because it’s made up lots of goodies like artwork from big sisters, a parasol from a funday at the parade, pretty colors, a baby pram watercolor and so much more.

It simply make us feel happy.

Just like the little girl that hangs out here. DIY Wall gallery using things you love

And, that my friends is the best inspiration for any DIY.

happy gallery wall tips by Fresh idea Studio


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