Spring Clean natural all purpose Lavender recipe

Spring fever is spreading fast! Here in the Sunshine State, our flowers are starting to blossom and we’re already making plans to enjoy this beautiful time of year.

Spring in Florida is Ah-MAZING and it usually means family and friends from cold climates will be paying us a visit very soon. So I thought I should get organized and jump on cleaning up around here so we can have some fun when our house guests arrive.

I give you my fresh way to Spring clean

natural all purpose Lavender recipe

spring into clean naturally shark

I should probably back it up a bit; last week when I was busy working with a client on a complete bedroom makeover, our oldest daughter came down with a terrible sneezy cold, all of the sudden.

After taking her to the doctor and having them test for strep and the flu (which she didn’t have, thank goodness) I realized it might be her allergy to dust (or should I say, dust mites. Yuck!) that was the real problem.

She is a teenager, after all, which means her bedroom is usually a wreck aka a dusty, messy place, few dare to enter.

So in response to the puff of dust that seemed to be following her around, I whipped a batch of DIY cleaner – my natural all purpose lavender recipe and decided to dive right in. spring clean natural lavender cleaner recipe card

I’ve shared a couple different ways I like to clean and organize before and I have a feeling you’re going to love this natural DIY concoction as much as I do.

I find it to be incredibly multi-purpose, easy to make and super affordable.

Here’s what I use:spring clean all purpose cleaner supplies1 cup of baking soda

spring clean recipe 1 cup baking soda1 cup of Borax 

spring clean all purpose recipe 1 cup borax20 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of tea tree oil 

spring clean recipe lavender and tea tree oilI went with Lavender Spike this time because I couldn’t resist its incredible Spring clean smell. I found both of the essential oils I used at Whole Foods.

Once you add the oils in, shake it all together in a container with a tight fitting lid…and you’re good to go!

spring clean in a mason jar

To rid her room of dust, I knew I needed to focus on mattress and carpet. So to give her queen sized bed a good cleaning, I sprinkled almost 1/2 the jar on and left it there for about 2 hours.

spring clean mattress sprinkle lavender cleaner

Once, I thought it had worked its magic, I vacuumed it all up with Rocky. ;)

Spring Clean mattress with lavender

Oh, that’s the pet name, I gave my new Shark Rocket.

Hey, it’s the little things in life and the name definitely fits this bad boy.  He’s a prize fighter, so agile and spunky, I love him!

And, the gross dust mites, don’t have a fighting chance in our house now. ha!

spring clean vacuum mattress

Now if I can just find a way to get my teenager keep her room clean! Know any tricks? I’d love to hear.


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This post brought to you by Shark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Vivian says

    I love this idea….so fresh and it lasts!
    As for teenagers rooms……they are gone before you know it and the house gets very quite. Then you can have a perfect house.

  2. Janet says

    My youngest is 28 and I gotta tell you, I never found a way to get them to clean. Now my 30 year old is almost OCD-Iish in her need to clean. I ask her where this version of herself was while she was here, LOL.
    Great idea against dust mites, I’m allergic to those nasty buggers. My mighty vacuum isn’t as cool or convenient but the Kirby does pretty well–and you get a workout, too. :-).


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