About Me

I’m Therese, the founder, and editor of Fresh Idea Studio. I feel best when I’m juggling multiple projects and building stuff with power tools. I’m happiest when redecorating and I’m not too shabby with a paintbrush either.

Bold colors, white space, and unique patterns inspire me yet understated and natural has my heart too. I tend to favor Casual Traditional styles with a spot of Modern and a splash of daring thrown in for good measure. Juxtapose is one of my favorite words and why I find design so interesting and personally rewarding.

I love a good challenge (something I can really sink my teeth into and figure out), extra-long vacations at the beach, great food, friends and most of all, my family.

I believe tenacity should never be underestimated 


If you don’t try…

you won’t ever know.  

And that would be a real shame.