Many Tips And Tricks On How To Pick The Best Dart Board Cabinet

Do you want the best dart board cabinet to keep your playing area well-organized? We guess the answer is definitely yes, right? 

In fact, now there are so many choices, designs, and models to refer to. That’s why you are often confused by this variety and don’t know what to choose. However, we assure you that the following buying guide will help you out!

Things Need Considering To Choose The Best Dart Board Cabinet

To help you pick your desired cabinet, we carefully list 4 factors below to take into account. With our guides, you can opt for the very best!

Dartboard Types

Prior to buying the cabinet, we recommend you choose the dartboard type first. You must know which type will match your playing style and ability. Particularly, there are three following dartboard types:

  • Electronic Dartboard
best dart board cabinet reviews

This model is a good option for both darts amateurs and beginners. It’s often made from plastic, including plastic-tip dart. If you are about giving a dartboard to your kids, you can opt for this plastic type. The main reason is that it’s so child-friendly and lightweight that your children can play safely.

  • Bristle Dartboard
	best electronic dartboard with cabinet

Skilled dart players and professionals are the people who frequently used this type. Because of being made from sisal fiber with self-healing ability, this cabinet can be easily back to its original state. But this bristle type isn’t suitable for children as the dart is steel-tipped which can damage the wall and hurt them.

  • Magnetic Dartboard
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This is a combination of electronic and bristle dartboards. A magnetic dartboard will offer you real experiences in many secure, kid-friendly dart playings. Certainly, your children will have more fun since they’ll need to perform their hand-eye coordination and math skills. Also, this bristle dartboard is cheaper than other types. An amazing choice, isn’t it?


The best dart board cabinet is required to be made from durable materials. You shouldn’t pick a cheap cabinet made from plywood since it can be broken easily. On the contrary, solid wood cabinets would preserve your board and darts better for years.

If you require a strong wood cabinet, it must have been polished assiduously and sanded smoothly. We suggest you can opt for lovely rustic cabinets which are built from reclaimed wood. Plus, many woods owning a polymer coating will save the cabinet from high moisture and exposure. You can refer to them!

Moreover, several electronic dartboards are the best bet for traditional style people. These models tend to follow classic appearances along with a large place to keep your soft tip darts.

Finally, steel or carbon fiber cabinets are also suitable for you if you want a modern look. Even though most people feel that these cabinets are less attractive than traditional wooden others, these last models are worth a try!

Cabinet Size

One thing you should do before buying a dartboard cabinet is to measure the length and width of your wall and scrutinize your dartboard’s size accordingly. Once you’ve finished this step, you can pick a cabinet with smaller or the same size to the size of your wall.


It’s undeniable that a scoreboard could promote the efficiency of your dart game. Most cabinets go with scoreboards which are usually seen behind two doors of the cabinet to support your performance better.

When searching for the most ideal cabinet, you should care about the scoreboard type. Overall, scoreboards come in three patterns: electric boards, blackboards, and whiteboards. Sincerely, you should opt for a cabinet with whiteboard pens/chalks for the scoreboard to avoid extra expenses.

Benefits Of A Dartboard Cabinet

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The cabinet gives some different extra storages depending on its style. You could save your darts, flights, or tips when you have a safe place in the cabinet. Obviously, extra storage gives you somewhere to keep your board and items in reserve. For us, the cabin doors are the best option to hang your scoreboards so that you needn’t dismount them many times.


At times, your darts can be lost or strayed during your game matches. At such times, a cabinet is a solution because its doors open outwards and offer more safety from missed darts.

Besides, a dartboard cabinet is able to protect your darts from serious damage. While your harsh walls will easily have several ugly holes if they collide with sharp darts, a cabinet with a wood/plies backing won’t destroy your walls. Thus, a dartboard cabinet is an indispensable tool for dart games.

Our Top 5 Best Dartboard Cabinets 

Viper Vault Cabinet & Shot King Sisal/Bristle Dartboard 

	best dart board with cabinet

4.3 / 5 star

American Heritage Billiards Cavalier Dartboard Cabinet

the best dart board cabinet

4.8 / 5 star

Imperial Officially Licensed NHL Dart Cabinet 

best dart board cabinet 2020

4.2 / 5 star

Hathaway Winchester Dartboard Cabinet

top rated dart board cabinet

4.2 / 5 star

HAN’S DELTA Professional Bristle Dartboard Cabinet 

what is the best dart board cabinet

4.3 / 5 star

To Wrap Up

Overall, a dartboard cabinet is proven to be part and parcel in your dart games. Therefore, purchasing the best dart board cabinet to support your performance is crucial, too. Now this kind of purchase will no longer trouble you thanks to our detailed buying guide on the above.

What are you waiting for? Reward yourself with the desired dartboard cabinet right now!

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