How To Smoke With A Masterbuilt Propane Smoker

how to smoke with a masterbuilt propane smoker

Nowadays, more and more people prefer having their weekends smoking and grilling food at home with their loved ones to going out. With that mindset, the smoker has been on the list of best selling products.

In this article, we will go further on the basic features of the Propane Smoker from Masterbuilt, a leading designer and manufacturer from the USA, then I will introduce you on how to smoke with a Masterbuilt Propane Smoker and some useful tips.

Why Should You Choose a Masterbuilt Propane Smoker?

How To Smoke With A Masterbuilt Propane Smoker

Masterbuilt is a leading manufacturer in cooking appliances based in the USA. During its 45 years of development, Masterbuilt has become well-known for its high-quality grillers, fryers, smokers, consumables, etc. 

With a variety of smokers in different designs and features, you can easily choose which model is the best for your needs. 

After 45 years of experience, Masterbuilt understands what makes a cooking appliance useful. They have created many series targeting different groups of users, and help the brand gain trust and favour from their customers.

The Propane Smoker from Masterbuilt is voted as one of the best smokers recently. Some of its famous models like MPS 340/G ThermoTemp XL, MPS 20B Patio – 2 – Portable, 20051311 GS30D 2-Door, etc. all receives positive feedback from customers.

Masterbuilt Propane Smoker is convenient, high-quality, reliable, affordable and efficient. In the below section, we will go into detail of how to smoke with a Masterbuilt Propane Smoker.

How to smoke with a Masterbuilt Propane Smoker

Install the Propane Tank 

Traditionally, outside smoking is conducted with a charcoal smoker. In order to smoke food, we have to burn coals and add wood chunks later to strengthen the flame. This process is time-consuming and not environmental-friendly.        

However, since more and more people are becoming environmentally-conscious, another alternative is to use propane. 

The first step before smoking is to connect the propane tank with the valve. It is a must to ensure the connection between the valve, and the tank is tight enough not to leak any gas outside. Then, release the propane from the tank to the pipe.

Run the smoker 

After tightening the connection between the valve and the tank, you can switch on the smoker and set to the desired temperature. The chimneys and the vents should be opened and the door needs to be closed.

Prepare the wood chips 

Wood chips are not the primary element of the smoking, but the result will be wonderful if you add the right wood chips to the smoker. 

You can choose the flavour of wood chips based on your preferences. Then, soak it in water for 30 minutes. It is said that the soaked wood chips could smell far better when put into smoking!

Prepare the Water Tray 

The water tray is used to maintain the temperature inside the smoker. In case the heat is too high, the water tray can decrease the temperature, which will reduce the chance of overheating. 

Besides, the steam emitted from hot water will keep the heat at the proper level, so the cooking speed can remain stable.

Add the food

how to smoke ribs on a masterbuilt propane smoker

Once the inside temperature is reached, you can put the food into the smoker. To be specific, the ideal temperature for cooking poultry is from 70 to 75 Celsius degree; for pork and beef is 60 to 70 Celsius degree and for fish with fins is about 65 Celsius degree.

Besides, you should smoke your dish with veggies to add some extra flavors to the food.

Check the food and the inside temperature regularly

While smoking meat, it is necessary to check the food regularly. It’s difficult to strictly follow the status inside the smoker, so you should check the inside temperature regularly by using the thermometer to avoid burning or any fire incidents. 

Additionally, there could be some circumstances such as the machine automatically turns off, or the flame is not strong enough, etc. Thus, don’t forget to check the smoker carefully and periodically.

Remove the food out of the smoker

After the smoking is finished, you can remove the food out with safety gloves on. But, right after the machine is turned off, the temperature is still high that it can burn your hands.

Thus, it is recommended to pay attention to the temperature of the smoker as well as put safety gloves on while working with the device.

Turn off the smoker and clean up 

After smoking the meat, it’s time to switch off the machine. But be aware that you have to turn off the fire first, then close the valve to stop the gas from releasing out. 

Finally, disconnect the propane tank from the smoker. It is a must to disconnect the gas release because it can be risky if the gas is leaked outside.

Cleaning up the smoker is also important. You have to wait for the machine to cool down, then remove trays and racks, brush them with soap carefully. Ashes during the smoking process may stick between racks, so you should remember to remove it, too.

Tips on using the Masterbuilt Propane Smoker

how to smoke a turkey in a masterbuilt propane smoker

Keep the smoker clean 

After each smoking session, experts advise you to clean your machine thoroughly. Firstly, a clean and spotless smoker always creates a safer and more comfortable feeling when using. Who doesn’t prefer a new and modern device, right? 

Secondly, if you don’t clean up your smoker attentively, there could be ash, or grease remaining on racks and trays. 

In the long term, this will contribute to the efficiency of the smoker because even little charred food waste can be stuck between the pipe or any other components of the machine.

Smoke at the appropriate temperature 

Gas smokers like propane smokers can be used to smoke at a lower temperature compared to a charcoal grill. So, when cooking a dish that requires strong heat, people have to grill the meat under the gas smoker for a longer time. 

It really takes time to calculate and figure out the exact formula for a tasty recipe, and it is even more difficult with this kind of smoker. So you need to research the proper time and temperature for your desired dish. Use a thermometer in hand to confirm the degree then.

Try different kinds of woods

You can use any kind of wood to smoke, but there are some great combinations of food and woods that you must know to make a tasty dish. 

For example, if fish is smoked with alder, oak, mesquite, or veggies are cooked with hickory, pecan or maple, the dish could be far more delicious. Thus, before cooking, you can search for which woods make the tasty food with your material to prepare, or, you can create your custom blend.


Briefly, Masterbuilt Propane Smoker is highly recommended because of its efficiency and convenience. 

Personally, if I am about to buy a smoker that is affordable, easy to use and high-quality, this product will be my first choice. The above article has shown you How To Smoke With A Masterbuilt Propane Smoker.

Wish you an enjoyable experience with this item!

Best Entry Level Smoker – The Ultimate Sidekick For Your Barbecue Party

best entry level smoker

It’s somewhat surprising to see the term “best entry smoker” keeps popping up in your search history recently. We mean, summer is in town, bringing with it the instant associations of nightless parties, huge pool feastings, and arbitrary road trips that you never missed out on, even one.

But now, whether it is the ubiquitous impact of coronavirus, your mother’s words, or simply your choice, you have decided to check your attendance at family gatherings, which is a good sign. 

And trust us, you’ll want to wrap your mind around how to handle the barbecue smoker, so that your cousins will be blown away by your resourcefulness, and your mother won’t ever rant with her sisters that “Boys will always be boys.” 

Now, grab your notebook, and go all the way from the basics.

Finding Your Best Entry Level Smoker 

#1. Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker: Best for beginners 

Just like how its name suggests, this Masterbuilt smoker might initially strike you as quite a lofty-built beast. But the sole fact that it’s lofty has not done the smoker enough justice without mentioning the beginner-friendly aspects.

First off, you’d be blown away with how easy the assembling is, even as a novice. Saying that you can use the smoker right out of the box is not even an understatement. 

Next up, throughout the grilling process, you can save yourself the hassle of chopping wood chips into small pieces, opening the hot smoker door, and then inserting the chips. Simply by using the wood chip loading system, it’s all done in a blink.

Another feature that makes this smoker so incredibly favored by beginners is that it has the thermostat control, which allows you to adjust the temperature and time to be consistent and most perfect for your taste, only with a button. Isn’t it lovely?  

Moreover, the big size allows for more generous capacity, making it extremely suitable for huge feasting parties whereby you can grill food on four different levels.

However, make sure that you have run through the user manual carefully before diving in because some smokers can involve major faults in the insulation system.

  • Effortless assemblage
  • Retains heat very well
  • Allows food to be adjusted to the most spectacular taste
  • Can be used without batteries
  • Can cook a lot of foods in one sitting
  • Might involve major technical problems in the insulation system

Verdict: To reiterate, if you’re a complete novice who is looking for a robust and no-hassle smoker, look nowhere else, this is it.

#2. Char-Broil Infrared Smoker & Grill: Best versatility 

Mindful that you’re quite overwhelmed with the last Masterbuilt smoker, we now proudly present you this streamline Char-Broil smoker/ grill. 

The best thing about this Char-Broil buddy, we believe, is its outstanding versatility. We mean, whatever cooking process you’re aiming at, say, smoking, roasting or grilling, this buddy’s got you covered. Even well covered. 

The TRU-Infrared technology can prove our last point. It allows the smoker to spread the temperature to the food all over an increased surface area, from the bottom to the top, left to right. Moreover, food can’t slide down the grates. And then, before you treat yourself to the feast, you’ll feast your eyes on the juicy, evenly grilled results already.

One side tip here for you, this Char-Broil can be used alongside with a smoker box to boost the smoky flavors of the dish.

Last but not least, its comparative space can fit up to a 21 lb turkey. Quite a competitive candidate with the previous one, isn’t it? 

  • Utilised for different purposes
  • Easy to use
  • Used along with a smoker box for increased flavor
  • Convenient carrying handles
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • No flare-ups when cooking
  • The drip tray doesn’t really fit
  • May not last long

Verdict: If you are a big fan of family gatherings and barbecue parties, don’t hesitate to seize this smoker right away. It’ll serve you well with different purposes without getting you bored with the bland foods.

#3. Bradley Electric BTDS76P Smoker: Best value 

Struck at a price nearly double the Char-Broil, you are wondering what is it that makes this Bradley so highly valued, aren’t you? 

It actually stands to reason. Bradley has always been known as a world-class brand whose products are geared towards perfection, reliability, and durability. This product is no exception. It’s constructed with the powder epoxy steel on the outside and nicely polished with stainless steel for the interior, which is very easy to clean up. 

We mean, certainly, no one likes to tackle the after-party. But when compared to other counterparts that involve such painstaking wiping on the bucket, grease trap, and things like that, Bradley undoubtedly overshadows them all with its easily removable parts. It’s like a mess-free cleanup. You’ll see.

Also, this product can totally keep up with your party duration, say, 8 hours? As if. Keep your smoker controlled and it’ll function well enough all day. Yes, you read it right.

Speaking on the long-term level, if maintained properly, the smoker can last up to a decade. Does that excite you yet?

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Has 4 separate racks for different food categories
  • Easy to clean up
  • Gives off no ash, just pure smoke
  • Works up to 9 hours of wood smoking in the hopper
  • Rather pricey

Verdict: Seriously, this is worth money. If you have some money to splurge, go straight to this Bradley buddy and see everything we just said for yourself.

#4. Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker: Best budget 

Another smoker from Char-Broil, but this one has a more simplified design and is smaller-built. Thus, it’s also much affordable for someone who’s on a budget.

To be honest, this Char-Broil smoker is nowhere near as competitive as the Bradley equivalent, yet gives you a decent impressive performance. 

With a 544-square-inch of working space, in combination with a large wood chip box that is constructed out of high-quality materials, you’ll find yourself enjoying the barbecue party atmosphere for hours on end. No need for a constant check-up on chips. How nice it is! 

Apart from that, the smoker is also nicely secured with two handles and latches on the sides, allowing you to imagine yourself rotating a vault.

Provided at this lesser cost, the performance isn’t as outstanding in terms of smoking capability and flavoring. But for an occasional smoker, this can do just right.

  • Has a large wood chip box for less refilling
  • Offers spacious cooking area
  • Extremely affordable
  • Has a detailed user manual
  • The analog doesn’t reflect the right internal temperature with large loads of meat

Verdict: If you’re either not so fussy over barbecue quality, or you’re an occasional smoker, this one is not a bad idea.

#5. Char-Broil 16-inch Bullet Charcoal Smoker: Best look 

If this is a competition of aesthetics, this bullet-looking charcoal smoker will undoubtedly be the grand beauty pageant. But even if it’s not a beauty contest, the Char-Broil bullet smoker still wins scores over its excellent ability to control the inner airflow. 

This innovative technology works so outstandingly thanks to two factors, namely the long-lasting porcelain-coated steel body, and the simplified settings to maintain internal temperatures. There’s also a temperature gauge located just above the smoker lid, whereby you can keep track of what’s going on inside. 

Plus, its side door space is ample enough to accommodate additional fuel, enabling you to maintain the desired constant temperature over a long period. It’s exactly how you have the distinctive charcoal-ish taste. Feel free to enjoy your friend’s/ family’s complements.

  • Features an innovative airflow control technology
  • Lightweight
  • The porcelain material allows for long-term durability
  • Pretty accurate thermometer on the lid
  • Large ash pan
  • Extremely affordable
  • Not well insulated
  • Smoke leaks

Verdict: If you value the smoker’s physical appearance and lasting durability above all, no other equivalents can beat this buddy, we believe.

What To Consider When Buying A Smoker For Beginners 

best entry level pellet smoker

Before making your buying decision, sketch out these headings:

Determining your budget 

This will undoubtedly save you from buying impulses. After all, a smoker/ grill is just a cooking buddy, no need for splurging a ton on brands, models, or sizing. Unless you want a backyard ornament. 

Going for a competent and durable smoker is just right.

Understanding fuel types 

Bear in mind that many smokers emit smoke (obviously) that is disruptive to people with asthma. From that, decide which you’ll go for, either charcoal, gas, or whatnot.

What is your cooker buddy used for? 

Whether it’s a multi-purpose smoker or a grill is also a matter for consideration. Think it over or you may have to buy another smoker for a single purpose. 

How large your squad is 

The size of your squad may affect the amount of food put in the smoker, and thus affect the size of the smoker that you’re intending to buy. So, make sure you have grasped it well on hand.


And that’s a wrap. We believe that with our concise buying guide on the best entry-level smoker, you have made your own decision. 

Personally speaking, we’d prefer the Char-Broil TRU-Infrared smoker & grill as the top choice, for its multi-purpose application, high-quality materials, and great ability to smoke food without flare-ups.

Now, tell us what’s on your mind by commenting down below!