Attributes of the Best Tent Stakes

Tents are useful during camping. They shield you from harsh weather conditions as well as protect you from wild animal attacks. But canvases cannot stand their ground without props. 

They need external props for the job. Fortunately, the tent pegs are ideal for the task. These devices get created using high-quality wood, composite material, metal, or plastic to enhance durability. More so, the tent stakes have a hook and loop on either end to enhance anchorage. 

Types of Tent Pegs

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But tent stakes come in different shapes and sizes. The most common ones include:

Aluminum is, however, the most preferred material for tent peg construction because it is lightweight, affordable, and durable. 

So, What Are the Best Examples of Heavy Duty Tent Stakes?

Over one dozen tent stakes exist today. Choosing between the different models, therefore, becomes an uphill task. The stakes listed below are, however, worth more than any chest of gold. They include.

  1. MSR Groundhog
  2. Coleman 10-in steel tent stake
  3. REI Co-op snow stake
  4. MSR carbon-core tent peg
  5. REI co-op steel stake
  6. Ti Shepherds hook stake

Benefits of Using Tent Stakes

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The list is endless. Tent pegs listed above serve a higher purpose. They, for one, hold the tent in place. More so, they prevent the structure from falling apart during a wind storm or torrential downpour. In brief, top-rated pegs shield you from injury.

What would you do if the roof to your house blew away during a dust storm? Most of you would have your hearts melt away. Tents, too, are not immune to the same. They can disappear in seconds when the weather strikes. 

Shelter problems then expose you to all kinds of harm, including wild animal attacks. Heck, you even get embarrassed after chasing flying canvas pieces across the campsite. Fortunately, the best stakes keep your temporary home intact. They are, thus, robust enough to withstand rough weather. 

How to Anchor the Stakes – Best Practices

It is, however, essential that you leverage the devices, right to enjoy the above benefits. All you must do is follow the following tips.

1. Install the Stake at an Angle

Angling increases the peg’s holding power. That said, you must install the device at an inclination of fifteen degrees. But the degree of incline depends on the length and surface area of the peg. 

2. Loop the Tent to the Anchors, Right

Looping depends on several variables. One, you must consider the prevailing weather conditions. Gusty winds, for example, need more anchorage. You must, therefore, feed tarp lines into the peg’s loops twice to make the structure sturdy.

Second, you need to bury the stakes deeper in the ground. Doing so makes the tent stable and immune to gusty winds. Anyway, avoid rushing through the process because you must get things done right the first time.

3. Qualities to Consider

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Impulsive buying never pays off. But taking your sweet time does. You must, therefore, give sweat and money for you to get the perfect piece. Amazingly, the characteristics listed below will reward you with the best results and fast. All you must consider is

4. Durability

Top-rated tent pegs are masterpieces. They get produced from high-quality materials that can withstand a lot of physical abuse. In short, they are durable enough to even when exposed to harsh weather elements. Also, the pegs do not disintegrate when hammered into hard surfaces.

5. Design

A lot of work goes into crafting the best pieces. Manufacturers, for instance, spend countless hours perfecting prototypes. They then build the perfect models from scratch. In a nutshell, the manufacturers labor to create a symmetrical object that promotes function. Besides, the best tent pegs have a V-shaped cross-section that makes ground penetration a walk in the park.

6. Weight 

Backpacking is fun. You must, however, carry portable items with you. Sadly, most heavy-duty tent stakes are bulky for transport. That said, you should consider other lighter options. After all, you must pack light for you to cover longer distances. 

7. Versatility

Most tent manufacturers provide campers with stake giveaways. The gifts, anyhow, never get the job done right. In reality, many are not compatible with different terrains, thus rendering them useless. Surprisingly, the top-rated tent stakes are easy to hammer through snow, hard rock, and soft ground surfaces.

8. Affordability

Superb tent pegs do not cost a fortune. They remain affordable despite getting manufactured using high-quality materials. Above all, the devices save you a boatload of cash because of being durable. 


You can never beat the power of camping. Recall, the activity brings you closer to nature. But how fun your night in the wilderness will be, depends on the tent and pegs you use. Sadly, not even the best canvases come equipped with the right tent pegs.

You must, therefore, invest a few dollars into buying the best tent pegs on the market. 

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