Best .080 Trimmer Line – The Best Solution for your Landscaping Strategy!

When it comes to trimmer lines, things can be foggy. Even the sellers cannot differentiate between the trimmer lines’ size and understand the difference among them. Well, we are here to sort out one of the most-used trimmer lines’ types as we offer you the best 0.80 trimmer line ranking!

In this article, we will present five best .080 trimmer lines available on the market, along with the buying guide on how to purchase your ideal string trimmer line—excited enough? Then keep reading, and we will be your guide!

A detailed review of the best .080 trimmer line

#1. Best for light-duty – DeWALT DWO1DT802

If you need to remove the weed stumbling all-around in your backyard on occasion only, a light-duty trimmer line will be the most beneficial solution you can get. DeWALT’s trimmer line will suit whose garden is currently suffering from weed issues in a particular time frame. Or else, if you already had your garden prepared by a gardener, a made-for-light-duty trimmer like this will suit your needs.

This trimmer is strong and durable in texture due to its well-made flexible, impact-resistant material. However, in contrast to how it feels, the line is extremely thin, preferable for gardening jobs requiring delicacy. With the measurement of 0.08 inches in diameter, this is the perfect line size for light-duty gardening tasks such as grass-cleaning or brush-sweeping. 

The lightweight yet durable material of this trimmer line makes its lifespan even longer than ever. You don’t have to worry much about this issue when repurchasing this tool. Moreover, its cutting efficiency is still maintained from the first moment you use it all the way to end. You will see your grasses, brushes being cut with ease.

The one thing that we don’t fancy about this trimmer line from Dewalt is that, compared to other trimmer lines and other products from Dewalt, this product is not indeed their best performance. There have been complaints about this line’s durability and flexibility when it comes to working with weedeaters. Hence, if your gardening is in severe condition and requires special care, consider this trimmer line before purchasing it. 

  • Best for lightweight duty
  • Robust twisted formula trimmer line
  • High trimming efficiency
  • Anti-heavy-duty

Verdict: Overall, DeWALT DWO1DT802 is a good trimmer line thanks to its stably-well performance along with its flexibility.

#2. Best Durable – Cyclone CY080D1/2-12

Are you looking for a string trimmer line that can be super everlasting? Well, this trimmer line from Cyclone deserves to be put in your shopping cart right now because of its lifetime durability.

It can be used for more than five years without performing off the track. No matter how much grass or brush you have it sliced through, it will still function freshly-new like day one.

Wonder how this trimmer line can perform so outstandingly in such a long time? Well, its copolymer formulation plays the most critical role in providing longer and lasting commercial cutting. Six additional blades vary in different shapes so that the cutting power can be divided evenly between your landscaping section. 

In case you have a careful plan on landscaping, this trimmer can help solve your problems in a blink of an eye, thanks to its powerful cutting energy. Weeds are 1/2″ to 1″ in diameter can be eaten right through this trimmer line without hesitation. Only one single spool for a neat yard, are you excited enough?

However, this trimmer will still be prone to breakdown if you stumble it on rocks or cement, so be careful with the weed eater that has this line on. 

  • Best long-lasting trimmer line
  • High cutting efficiency
  • Must be used with caution

Verdict: Cyclone CY080D1/2-12 act as a durable trimmer line that can satisfy any customer. Moreover, it is also compatible with any weed eater. We believe that this “buddy” will not let you down.

#3. Best for budget – Oregon 21-380

If you are broke but still want to own a decent trimmer line, Oregon 21-380 trimmer line will save you a budget yet not disappoint you in any manner. 

Customers are reluctant to put this line into their shopping cart since it is sold at a retail price of under $15. However, its working stability and efficiency save its name and make this Oregon line the best solution if you are out of cash.

The lines were made of Nylon copolymer that is fortified with additives, so it lasts longer and breaks less. Round trimmer lines like Oregon will boost the cutting efficiency without drying out and quickly becoming defective. 

From small gardening business to more prominent landscaping strategies, the Oregon trimmer line can be the perfect partner to support your needs. Last but not least, cleaning up will not waste your time since the lines were perfectly wrapped in a donut-shaped container for secure storage and fewer tangles.

Compared to premium trimmers or pre-wound spools, this trimmer line from Oregon can cover your every wish for gardening. Don’t let the low price make you underestimate its power. You will be surprised by how swiftly it goes through all of your bushes. 

However, if you don’t set up this line with your weed eater correctly, tangles can be created frequently, and it can cost you a waste of time. In this case, try to seek manual instructions on how to install the line correctly to save your time and effort in the setting up step.

  • Best for value
  • High-quality line material
  • Easy to set up
  • Must read through the manual before handling the line

Verdict: Oregon 21-380 is a cheap option of the trimmer line category, however, its marvelous performance in trimming your brush or trees will not disappoint you.

#4. Best multi-edge – Arnold Maxi-Edge 

In case you doubt multi-edge-diameter trimmer line’s efficiency compared to round ones, think again after you purchase the Arnold Maxi-Edge.

This line arrives in a 6-point star shape that improves the cutting quality more fundamentally than a circular shape. The edges will provide extra exactness and efficiency for the line’s performance itself. 

This commercial-grade trimmer line from Arnold is such a steal. Besides granting exceptional cutting behavior, its price is also extremely affordable. Anyone can have this line, put it into their weedeater, and enjoy the landscaping outcome without spending a fortune.

What’s more, the spool is exceptional with generally straight and bent-shaft string trimmers available. That’s why you can get it without regret regardless of what brand of weed eater you are utilizing. 

For light-duty work, Arnold Maxi-Edge can maintain its usage for such a long time. For heavy-duty, several breaks can be identified in a short time. Make sure you adjust the level of working to an average level when using this trimmer line so as to expand its lifespan.

  • Multi-edge diameter for high cutting proficiency
  • Universal fit
  • Suitable for light-duty
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty

Verdict: With its strong multi-sided line characteristics make the product well-withstand with pressure, Arnold Maxi-Edge is the perfect company for your landscaping plan.

#5. Best twisted – Maxpower 338813

Different string trimmer lines usually suffer from outrage heating that results in melting at the bend and quickly breaking off. However, that is the thing you should no longer worry once you have had Maxpower 338813 in your landscaping plan.

Heating is indispensable when it comes to utilizing a weed eater in contact with your brushes or grasses. Thanks to the robust and heat-resistant support by the twisted formula, this stuff holds up exceptionally well under heating pressure. It also lasts long to the point that there can be no break off inside. 

Not once did I have to stop to replace a broken line, just check for fraying at the end after significant use. 

To be more convenient in use, it is also very accessible to install this line onto any weed eater. A wound-style range, it’s sturdy and capable of slicing through grass, weeds, and otherwise with little to no hesitance.

  • Best twisted diameter trimmer line
  • Cutting proficiency and exactness improved
  • Affordable
  • Breakable

Verdict: Twisted trimmer lines are ideal for heavy-duty landscaping. Being one of the most impressive twisted trimmer lines, Maxpower 338813 can certainly give you a hand. 

Things to consider when purchasing a string trimmer line

best .080 string trimmer line


Trimmer lines’ shapes are variable, and each type creates a significant difference in cutting proficiency and exactness. You can find these three types of trimmer lines on the market: round-shaped, multi-sided, and twisted.

  1. The round trimmer line is perfect for at-home small gardening businesses.
  2. A multi-sided trimmer line is ideal for medium-to-high-level jobs.
  3. Serrated and twisted trimmer line is best for large, commercial properties with a lot of big, complex brushes.


Depending on how big your project is, you can choose the material of your trimmer lines to have it best suit your needs without having to spend so much. 

For lightweight projects like trimming your launch or cutting off some grasses, trimmer lines made from nylon or plastic will perform exceptionally. 

Otherwise, big and bulky brushes or professional landscaping requires more sustainable material such as aluminum, fiber, or engineered polymers for their trimmer lines to work correctly. 


The quicker your trimmer line separates, the more often you will need to supplant it. Progressively purchasing trimmer lines over and over will eventually cost you more than you think. 

Make sure to have decent research before putting any kind of trimmer line into the shopping cart. Continually changing the trimmer line isn’t just expensive, yet irritating and poorly arranged. 


what is the best .080 trimmer line

One of the most significant parts of the trimmer line that needs to be thoroughly analyzed before a purchase is its diameter. 

A trimmer line’s width straightforwardly influences its capacity to slice through specific weeds. Light distances across commonly extend from 0.065 crawls to 0.080 inches. Medium distances across ordinarily reach from 0.085 to 0.105. Overwhelming breadths measure from 0.110 inches and past.


If you are not sure .080 trimmer lines are the best options for you, there are more trimmer lines’ size to consider. 

The final word

And that’s all the information we have covered on the best .080 trimmer line. If you are looking for an affordable yet effective solution to arrange your garden neatly, try a .080 trimmer line, and you won’t regret it for sure. This type of trimmer line is a universal fit that can be brought into any kind of weed eater and still functions like an ace. 

Our most favorite .080 trimmer line is Cyclone CY080D1/2-12. This product from Cyclone represents every goodness you are looking at a high-quality, sustainable, yet accessible trimmer line for your weed eater. 

Thank you for reading our article, and we will catch up with you soon. If you have any questions regarding trimmer lines, make sure to drop it down for us to give you the answer you are looking for.

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